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Know what you want to say

Then say it

Engage  ●  Communicate  ●  Win

Great marketing & sales content is the product of an intentional, strategic message.

Great messaging happens when marketing & sales communicate from the same playbook.

Intentional & Credible Communications

This portfolio presents YGE’s work for our client, JMS, a leading building technology system integrator.

The objective was to create a simple, yet intentional communication playbook for marketing and sales.

It guides all communication, emphasizing the attributes of JMS consistent with the market position JMS wants to dominate. These attributes uniquely define JMS, providing marketing & sales with a credible & informative place to start prospect conversations.

Trusted Advisors & Trusted Conversations

In today’s market, the best sellers are Trusted Advisors who hold Trusted Conversations. These start with an intentional strategy for informative conversations that help customers.

  • Identify Problems
  • Explore Solutions
  • Define Requirements
  • Select a Partner.