Identify Problems

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Identify Problems

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Identify content is not sales content because at this point, buyers may not be aware they have a problem. No problem, then nothing to offer.

Identify content should inform prospects of issues that may be present in their business.

The best Identify content will offer a unique point of view.

At the same time, the buyer begins to identify you as a potential solution provider.

Sample Content Gallery

JMS backs up their open building automation systems expertise with informative blog content. This builds their authority in the local market. A three article series posted on their website and on LinkedIn communicates details of the types of problems they help their customers solve with JMS open solutions.

Essentials of Open BAS 1 of 3
Essentials of Open BAS 2 of 3
Essentials of Open BAS 3 of 3

More JMS blog content coming soon in 2022.

The Important Role of 3rd Party Content

Identify content includes 3rd party expert content. Sellers earn credibility by sharing other experts’ ideas. Buyers gain confidence knowing that other experts hold similar ideas.

Each JMS Solution webpage has a Resources section at the bottom of the page. Prospects are offered corroborating content from other expert sources.

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