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Our signature 431 Growth Framework™ helps OEMs & Manufacturers bring innovations to market faster with greater ROI.

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431 Growth Framework™

The 431 Growth Framework™ is built around well tested innovation and strategy practices used by technology innovation leaders worldwide. Yet, it is unique for its three components wrapped into a cohesive growth framework tailored to small and mid-market industrial and building technology businesses.
    • 4 Growth Strategies
    • 3 Innovation Stages
    • 1 Go-to-Market Plan
  The framework’s systematic approach ensures growing your business in a purposeful, market-driven manner, maximizing the productivity of your team and positioning you for market success.

4 Growth Strategies

Many companies concentrate on Market Penetration, selling more of the same products to their existing market. This is the first and most common of the four growth strategies. The remaining three; Market Development, Product Development, and Diversification, represent often untapped or under-optimized growth opportunities for small and mid-market tech businesses.

The 431 Growth Framework™ from Your Growth Engine helps OEMs and Manufacturers
bring innovations to market faster and generate high demand.

Common Growth Scenarios

Our approach helps OEM and manufacturing clients plan and implement growth strategies involving two or more of the four growth strategies, aligned to investment resources. Three examples illustrate this approach. First, many mid-size manufacturers have realistic opportunities to execute Market Penetration, Market Development, and Product Development in differing percentage weights. This is a common growth scenario that can be achieved through a well-structured approach such as the 431 Growth Framework™. In another common scenario, a company’s product portfolio is in the mature, declining stage of the Product Life Cycle. This calls for prioritizing new Product Development with a slightly lesser emphasis on Market Penetration. Once the new products are ready for market launch, the focus shifts to Market Penetration, followed later by Market Development. Finally, in the case of a smaller company, they may choose to pursue a Market Development strategy initially. Once that is meeting expectations, they begin a new Product Development process.

3 Innovation Stages

In every case, we guide client teams through a market-driven innovation process. Starting with Growth Strategy Planning, we work with clients to identify the right growth opportunities. Next, in the Innovation stage, we guide clients through the work required to bring a product to market or enter a new market. Last is a Branded Launch™ that primes demand in the market prior to launch, resulting in higher sales trajectory.

1 Go-to-Market Plan

Because every client is unique, the 431 Growth Framework™ delivers a Go-to-Market Plan that is unique to each client’s growth opportunities. More than just a plan, Your Growth Engine is invested in the successful execution of the plan through a variety of marketing, brand and sales work to ensure a client’s success. The 431 Growth Framework™ is a flexible model in which the YGE team can either lead or support. We can lead your team through the development and execution of growth opportunities. Alternatively, we can support your engineering, sales, and marketing team leaders. In either case, our focus is on the successful, profitable growth of your business.

431 Growth Framework™️

Small and mid-market OEMs and manufacturers face a competitive, dynamic environment. Executives, engineers, sales, and marketing teams go flat out to meet the demands of this week, month, and quarter. Yet, the long-term growth and health of the business will be found in the work done next quarter and next year. The 431 Growth Framework™ brings an agile structure to guide these teams through the identification, development, and execution of growth opportunities that provide for sustainable growth and profitability. Your Growth Engine’s approach to innovation is proactive, not reactive. It is based on market and customer needs. It provides a mechanism to anticipate and get in front of changes in the market.


In today’s dynamic business environment, no company can stand still and hope to remain relevant. This is especially true in the B2B industrial tech space, where the OEM and end-users’ preferences and buying criteria are undergoing constant change. YGE’s FlexMarketing™ services can help your business navigate the changes and beat your competition.

Designed for flexibility and scalability, our FlexMarketing™ services provide you with leadership of key growth initiatives. Examples include identification of short/long-term growth options, performing customer discovery for innovation, or the repositioning of the company. Leveraging FlexMarketing™ could be exactly what your business needs to accelerate growth.

Whether your organization needs new product development, identification of attractive adjacencies, or a new brand identity, YGE’s FlexMarketing™ delivers results at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire.

Growth Practice

YGE’s Growth Practice is centered on the idea of GROWTH. The process we deploy is all about problem solving.

We start by gathering the facts from your team using the YGE Diagnostic Tool.

Next, we generate and test initial hypotheses. From this work we can determine the core drivers upon which we make our actionable recommendations for changes that will drive growth. For example, we know we can sell more product by changes in Sales Strategy, Marketing Strategy, or Reducing Unit Costs. In some cases, clients don’t know the problem, they just know that they have a problem. If that’s you, not to worry. Using our facts-based approach, combined with some creative collaboration, together we will arrive at a solution that your organization can implement.

Brand Practice

Brand and marketing are growth opportunities for small and mid-market businesses. New businesses realize initial growth through the efforts of an excellent sales team. Eventually sales alone can’t keep up with the demands of robust growth targets.

Research from the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute tells us that only 5% of your target market is in active buying mode at any point in time. Investments in brand and marketing reach the other 95% of prospective customers so your brand is top of mind when they are ready to buy.

YGE’s Brand Practice develops your brand identity and strategic messaging platform to give a you a strong, targeted voice in the market. Amplifying your brand’s visibility earns you trust and credibility in the market. Your company gets on the short list with new prospects before they are even ready to buy.

Project Services

Your Growth Engine Project Services are perfect when you need specific expertise for a well-defined objective. Do you have a business problem that needs quick resolution?

Market Research & Analysis

Market Intelligence

Industry Analysis

Competitive Intelligence 

Market Opportunity Analysis 

Go-to-Market Strategies

Innovation Process Improvement

Product / Service Innovation

Brand Identity

Branded Launch

Messaging Strategy

Marketing Execution


Value We Deliver

Through our exclusive focus on Industrial & Building Technology markets, Your Growth Engine has the expertise to get you to market faster and unlock demand with new customers for growth.

Value We Deliver

Business woman with laptop thinking about marketing strategy results

Through our exclusive focus on Industrial & Building Technology markets, YGE has the expertise to get you to market faster and unlock demand with new customers for growth.

Clients Call Us When...

Meeting challenges is possible

Struggling to bring new products to market

Sales have been flat two or more periods

EBITDA results are falling short

New product sales are < 5% of total revenue

No defensible new products

Most of our clients experience one or more of these challenges, which we help them overcome. By truly understanding their end-customers’ markets and applications, our clients are able to achieve or exceed their sales objectives. This is the essence of what we do at Your Growth Engine.