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Define Requirements

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In the Define stage, prospects build requirements and seek to understand details of solutions.

Prospects are concerned about how the solution works and if it will fit into existing operations.

Prospects want to understand everything that can go wrong and how to mitigate that risk.

Define content must help the seller and the buyer work through this stage as partners.

The conversation is an audition for what it will be like to work together long term.

Blog Content Gallery

The JMS blog content that helps prospects better understand problems is highly reusable in helping prospects define the requirements for solutions that will fit their business best.

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Essentials of Open BAS 3 of 3

More JMS blog content coming soon in 2022.

Website Solutions Content

We built the JMS website to speak with a professional voice. The content helps prospects understand JMS’ solutions with enough detail that prospects can begin to understand how those solutions may meet their specific needs. This content sparks conversations between JMS sales and its prospects.

Technical Architecture & Specifications

The technical architecture is publicly available to help prospects envision solutions that may be right for them. More detailed technical content is available from the manufacturer and from JMS sales engineering on project specific basis. 

Click to View PDF of the Architecture.