WIN...New Customers


YOUR GROWTH ENGINE is singularly focused on the growth of your business. With deep expertise in B2B industrial markets, we position clients for success. Our signature YGE Growth Framework creates measurable value for clients.

What business problem can we help you solve?

New customer and consultant shaking hands over an agreement

Attract New Customers

The growth of your business relies on cultivating an active pipeline of new prospects. Your Growth Engine delivers new prospects by energizing your company’s unique story. Your brand and value proposition are powerful assets in landing new prospects. We can help.

Create New Revenue Streams

The innovative capability of your team is rich with growth potential. Your Growth Engine harnesses this value by commercializing creativity into sellable, repeatable offers. We capture and structure sales and delivery processes that allow the full value of innovation to rise to the surface.

Grow revenue through new offers
Grow business through new markets

Enter New Markets

Growth opportunities can be realized in new vertical and geographic markets. Your Growth Engine helps you enter new markets with a road map for success. We do the market research and strategy development that give you the financial, sales, and operations models to profitably grow your business.

Increase share of wallet

Educated customers buy more. Regular high value content drives up customer interest and generates qualified leads that your sales team can convert into business.